About us

About us

To maximize the potential of its patented technology to support secure NFC payment and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Logomotion has formed a joint venture with the Japanese firm SMK Corporation.

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What`s new

What`s new

Contactless smart microSD card – for secure NFC mobile solutions

LGM Card is contactless smart microSD card (a memory card) with 16 GB of Flash memory. In addition, it contains secure chip and NFC antenna.

It is used while inserted in a microSD slot of a mobile phone. It can immediately turn billions of non-NFC phones into NFC phones and enable them secure NFC and remote usages.

LGM Card used as Mobile Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

Ace card is a hardware (smart microSD card; LGM Card) providing security in accordance with CC EAL5+ and that was authorized by several international certification schemes.

Ace card with the help of Ace Wallet, the Android App tied to a secure Ace Cardenable to manage your Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto currencies securely from your mobile phone.

Learn more: https://www.acecardwallet.com

Miniature coil NFC Antennas

Planar antennas have limitations to communicate in metal covered objects and they occupy in average 400mm2.

Our miniature NFC coil antenna occupies in average 80mm2, it can be implemented in CE and R/W modes, it communicates well from metal housing and in various designs it passes EMVCo, MoNA and NFC Forum criteria.