About us

About us

To maximize the potential of its patented technology to support secure NFC payment and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Logomotion has formed a joint venture with the Japanese firm SMK Corporation.

mobile phone users worldwide

installed base of NFC enabled phones

LGM Card NFC compatible users

What`s new

What`s new

LGM Card with 16GB flash memory

The latest LGM Card with 16 GB of Flash memory is available; New generation of LGM Card is planned for 2018.

Sale of 4GB LGM Cards Stock

Don’t miss the opportunity to Pilot or test LGM Cards!
Limited offer of 4GB LGM Cards for 10 USD / unit is valid till supplies last.
Move your current Mifare and MifareDESFire plastic chip cards solutions into mobile phones
with no compromise on security and control.

NFC miniature antenna system

System on package solution comprising miniature ferrite core antenna and an antenna controller employing active load modulation is planned during 2017.