Frequently Asked Questions. Here are some common questions.
What happens if I lose my phone?

b) As usual, you should report it to your mobile operator. The operator blocks your SIM card and the LGM Card application blocks the “Ready to pay“ mode.

a) Report the missing phone to your bank just like you would report a missing payment card. The bank blocks the LGM Card as they do with a lost plastic payment card.

Note that if you pre-set the pairing of the LGM Card with your phone and your SIM card, then any attempt to transfer your LGM Card to a different mobile phone handset will disable the LGM Card.

How does the mobile phone payment work?

The LGM Card terminal payments are so-called contactless payments. The necessary exchange of data between the payment card and merchant’s payment terminal is transmitted by high frequency electromagnetic waves operating over a short range (a few centimeters). Devices that are capable of communicating this way are called NFC (Near Field Communication) devices. This is the same technology used for contactless payment cards.

The technology is compliant with existing norms and standards, which ensure that the card can be read only by NFC device and not by any other means.

The LGM Card Internet payments from your computer or mobile phone exchange data between the LGM Card and the merchant’s payment gate over Internet. With LGM Card these payments are very convenient and secure; you need not enter the payment card data anywhere and nobody can copy or misuse your card data during payment, as they are encrypted.

Is the mobile payment secure?

Yes. LGM Card has strong security features for each of its payment types. The contactless mobile payment meets the same security standards that apply for contactless plastic chip cards and also meets the requirement that the user enter their PIN in order to make purchases greater than 25 Euros.

Internet payments from your computer or mobile phone are more secure in comparison with standard Internet payments as with the LGM Card you do not write any card data anywhere and the card data are encrypted even before the Internet transfer.

Moreover, in conjunction with a mobile phone, the LGM Card offers security features which plastic cards do not, such as:

  •  Before paying with the LGM Card, a password can be activated on the user’s handset.
  • The LGM Card can be “paired“ to operate in one mobile phone handset only. The LGM Card is “paired“ with that particular handset and SIM card during installation.
  • Unlike a plastic payment card, you never give your phone to a merchant.
Can my account be activated when my phone taps the terminal without me being aware of it?

No. It is impossible to make any payment unless the LGM Card application is activated. The LGM Card can only be activated from the application on the user’s handset, so you don’t have to worry about making any “accidental” transactions.

Can I pay when my phone battery is dead?

No. It is impossible to make payments when the phone is switched off or the battery is dead.

The MicroSD LGM Card must be powered from phone’s battery in order to operate. The LGM Card does not decrease the effective life of the phone’s battery. The power drawn by the MicroSD card is insignificant; moreover, it is used only at the time of payment.

Where can I pay?

You can pay at any merchant with contactless terminals displaying the contactless payment logo of the payment scheme associated with the card account your bank tied to LGM Card and at merchants marked with the LGM Card logo.

You can make standard Internet payments from your notebook or mobile phone (paying for songs, games or videos) and you can also make Internet payments via an NFC interface on your computer, notebook, and television, or via an external NFC reader connected to such a device.

How do I pay?

When you insert the MicroSD LGM Card into your handset you will also install an accompanying payment application. When you are ready to make a mobile payment you start this application and enter your user password. The “Ready to Pay“ mode is activated – your phone is ready to pay.

Then follow the merchant’s instructions. At a certain point you will be asked to tap the payment terminal with your phone. For small value payments (up to 25 Euros), the transaction is completed immediately. With higher amounts you will be asked to enter the PIN on the terminal’s keypad (as with a plastic chip card).
The transaction status and any further instructions will be displayed on your phone. Immediately after the payment, the “Ready to Pay“ mode on your phone is always deactivated..

Can I integrate LGM Card with my mobile banking application?

Yes. Your bank can integrate LGM Card payments with its mobile banking application. LGM Card can also add strong security protection to the mobile banking application.

Can I use the LGM Card with my phone?

LGM Card has the form of a microSD card. It can be inserted into any mobile phone with an SD slot. Currently approximately 75% of all phones have an SD card slot, although this share can vary market to market.

LGM Card works with all major mobile phone operating systems, including Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, Java and J2ME. When LGM Card is introduced in a market, more specific information will be available about which releases of the operating systems are supported.

Is this payment method used anywhere else in the world?

Yes, there are many on-going projects of mobile phone payments in various countries.

Do I have to send a text message (SMS) to make a payment?


Do I have to change mobile operators to be able to pay with my mobile phone?

No. LGM Card operates independently of your choice of mobile operator.

Where can I get the LGM Card?

The LGM Card payment service is offered through banks.
When LGM Card is introduced in a market, more specific information will be available about which Banks issue LGM Card.

Can I pay over the Internet?

Yes, with the LGM Card you can safely pay for goods, services, or content, which you select on the Internet.

If you visited the Internet shop directly from your mobile phone and this shop offers LGM Card payment, you simply proceed according to the directions on your phone’s display.

When you complete purchases through Internet shops from your personal computer, you can use an NFC interface. On the Internet shop´s page the LGM Card payment is labeled similarly as payments by standard cards. The payment will run on all internet shops accepting the payment scheme which your bank tied to your LGM Card. You will simply proceed according to the directions on your computer’s monitor. On internet shops optimized for accepting LGM Card, the payment is extremely easy and secure.

Can I withdraw money from an ATM?

ATM cash withdrawal with LGM Card is in the preparation phase.

What are the additional components for the LGM Card and how should I use them?

Your bank will deliver to you your LGM Card using its standard processes – card mailing and PIN letter with instructions for activation. The PIN letter will also include a LGM Card activation code, which is used during Over the Air (OTA) activation.
To use LGM Card you need your mobile phone with a microSD card slot, active SMS and data services from your mobile operator.

Can LGM Card be integrated with more accounts or a mobile wallet?

Your bank can tie one or more payment card accounts to LGM Card. You can then choose which account you want to use for a payment. LGM Card can also be integrated with other mobile wallets, for example MasterCard’s PayPass Wallet.

If you have activated a prepaid account (an e-Wallet) which you want to use to fund certain purchases, you can easily top-up this e-Wallet with LGM Card.

You can also tie LGM Card to various loyalty programs, which gives you discounts, coupons and other benefits. LGM Card can integrate with any application like this, including transit, ticketing, ticket restaurant and so on.

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