Miniature active NFC antenna system is ideal for size-critical, metal covered objects. It is low power hungry and despite its tiny dimensions it works also if totally surrounded by metal or in complicated RF environments. Miniature NFC antenna system on package enables secure proximity for your various miniature smart devices and IoT products.

Unique features

  • NFC antenna system sizes: low profile, from 0.7 mm height, up to 100 mm2 of total area
  • Consumption: During receiving: ~ 25 µA
  • During transmitting: 250 mA
  • Interface: SWP
  • Form factors: System on Package, NanoSIM, microSD

Technical characteristics

  • Miniature NFC antenna and antenna controller
  • ISO / IEC 14443 A, B and ISO/IEC 18092 (including Felica), NFC
  • NFC modes supported: card emulation, peer-to-peer, reader-writer
  • System on Package, NanoSIM, microSD


  • Miniature wearable –smart watches, wristbands, key fobs and other small devices to become NFC supportable while keeping the metal construction and convenient size
  • Electrically complicated environments – touch screens, automotive, car audio systems, miniature and electrically complicated systems


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