A standard size microSD memory card with built-in NFC antenna and two secure chips.

End-customers use LGM Card while inserted into their mobile phones to store their private files on its flash memory. Issuers of LGM Card enable end-customers to use secure chips of LGM Card as mobile eID-card, driving license, social card, employee card, payment card, loyalty card, transit card etc.

LGM Card is distributed to end-customers by government, banks, transit providers or other entities operating in the particular territory. Check availability of LGM Card in your region.

Issuers or distributors of LGM Card need not to make any compromise on safety and convenient usage for their end-customers. This smart product enables to develop secure mobile solutions under issuer’s full control.

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Unique features

Miniature NFC antenna
LGM Card has embedded miniature (9 x 0.785 x 0.930 mm) active NFC antenna. It uses power from phone battery to operate. NFC antenna used inside LGM Card supports ISO 14443A, card-emulation mode. The antenna is being switched on from the user phone application and it is used only during NFC payment. After the payment is finished the antenna is switched off.


Unique construction and electrical principle of the antenna generate strong enough radiation that overcomes limits of metal covers so it perfectly works even in complicated electrical environments

This feature enables

  • Convenient contactless services independent of the phone model or phone orientation with respect to a contactless reader
  • Huge immediately addressable base of users as LGM Card brings NFC capability also to non-NFC smart phones, to feature phones and low-end phones
Two independent secure chips
LGM Card contains two secure chips (SE) that can be under control of one or two issuers. This is ideal for governmental applications used in combination with payments and transit use-cases. Each SE can be divided into more secure domains, providing to the issuer further potential to rent space to more third parties. Two-SE architecture can be also used for proprietary LGM Card micro-payments.


This feature enables

  • The most secure mobile solutions fully under issuer control
  • Positive business model achieved from rich portfolio of use-cases and co-operation models
  • To answer various needs coming from identification, payments or transit segments in one product
ISO 7816 contacts
ISO 7816 contacts are placed on the surface of the LGM Card. Government can load end-user sensitive data in a secure environment under government control. End-user’s personal ID data are not sent over the Internet or stored on Clouds

This feature enables

  • To use current personalization machines for contact personalization of the secure chip(s)
  • To use traditional contact ways and machines in certified premises of the issuer
  • The most secure way of loading personal data onto the secure chip

Technical characteristics

Form factor- MicroSD card, Class 10, fully compliant with SD Card Association specifications
Flash controller- 32-bit RSC microprocessor
Flash memory- 19nm TSB NAND, 4 GB (samples for pilot projects)
- 15nm TSB NAND, 16 GB
Secure chip#1- NXP J5C145, JCOP 2.4.2 R1, 144KB EEPROM memory, MIFARE FleX (4K)
- Security certification: Common Criteria CC EAL5+
- Certified applets: Mobile MasterCard PayPass (MMPP), MIFARE4Mobile (M4M)
Secure chip#2
- Alt.1: NXP J5C145, JCOP 2.4.2 R1, 144KB EEPROM memory, MIFARE FleX (4K)
- Alt.2: NXP J3D081, JCOP 2.4.2 R2, 80KB EEPROM memory, MIFARE DESFire EV1 8K
NFC antenna- Unique, patented design
- ISO 14443A
- Compliant with MIFARE™
Interfaces- SD
- ISO 14443A
- ISO 7816

LGM Card MobileAPI

LGM Card MobileAPI is a library developed by SMK-LOGOMOTION, provided based on SW license Agreement. Developers can use LGM Card MobileAPI to develop customized, issuer branded mobile user application. LGM Card MobileAPI enables communication between LGM Card and mobile user application.

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LGM Card Life cycle

Personalization of secure chip(s)
cardOn request we deliver LGM Cards pre-personalized with payment applets and/or other customized applications of the issuer. Issuer is responsible for personalization of secure chips of LGM Card. During this process issuer’s and end-customers sensitive data (e.g. cardholder name, card expiration, CVC/CVV code, client certificates etc.) are loaded on secure chips.

There are more ways of how secure chips of LGM Card can be personalized:

    • Contact personalization needs microSD card embedded on ID-1 size plastic carrier (see the picture). ISO 7816 contacts on the LGM Card’s surface are exactly in the same position as they are on a common plastic chip cards. EMV contact personalization of both two SEs is possible on common personalization devices. This can save costs for TSM personalization.
    • Contactless personalization is done on a contactless reader connected to PC. MicroSD card has to be inserted in a mobile phone.
    • Over the air personalization uses TSM platform and is done Over the Internet (OTI).

Example of LGM Card personalization on DataCard machines

Life cycle management
There are more ways of LGM Card life-cycle management:

  • Over the Internet and/or using TSM platform; suitable for complex mobile solutions with many parties involved. SMK-LOGOMOTION can recommend Partner who is able to design, develop, built-up or operate such platform for the issuer. LGM Card issuer can use his own systems and infrastructures. On request we can recommend you partner who will help you to develop TSM for LGM Card or who can deliver you complex solution.  

Example of schema of LGM Card OTI managmentlgm-card_oti-management

  • Using current infrastructures; suitable for less complex mobile solution with one or two parties involved. This way is cheaper and independent from TSM platform; yet online management is limited. In this solution issuer uses contact personalization machines for personalization of secure element(s) and software updated contactless POS terminals/readers that have to support a double tap of phone to the contactless POS terminal/reader during one transaction (TwinStep). TwinStep will enable to:
    • Activate newly supported applications on LGM Cards
    • Update card data registers
    • Reset offline counters