LGM Card used by Government for mobile eID

Our world is becoming increasingly more mobile. It is expected that the penetration of smart phones in Western Europe will pass 50% in the year 2016. Therefore mobility has become an important accelerator in supporting the comfort of users while accessing electronic services.

The most important key to a secure use of electronic services is a reliable identification of their users.

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LGM Card used for end-user identification and mobile payments

SMK Logomotion through their LGM Card provides mobile payment solutions based on NFC (near field communication) technology. The card is inserted into the mobile phone’s SD slot and enables contactless mobile payments. However, the card is independent of mobile operator and handset manufacturers.

The LGM Card could also function as an employee card or ID Card and enables the storage of tickets, electronic signatures etc. The consumer has constant control over payments that have been made with the LGM Card via their phone.

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