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SMK attended CEATEC JAPAN 2017 Exhibition

Oct 27, 2017

SMK attended CEATEC JAPAN 2017 Exhibition where functionality of LGM Card was demonstrated which had attracted many visitors.

Visitors were attracted by demonstration of current product – microSD smart and memory card with built-in NFC antenna and two secure – LGM Card. LGM Card brings capability also to non-NFC smartphones, feature phones and low-end phones (with Java).

With LGM Card inserted in any phone solution providers will bring perfect solutions for secure mobile applications like – transit (storing transit card), payments (storing EMVCo Cards or cryptocurrency), storing secure data (eID) and many more use-cases based on partner’s needs.

High attraction brought also Miniature active NFC antenna modul that has unique construction and high performance – because of its strong radiation it works also in complicated electrical enviroments or if totally surrounded by metal.

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