Based on LGM Card you as Issuer can offer variety of proximity and remote application solutions with tamper resistant security and under your full control.

High performance embedded NFC antenna enables to deliver all these applications immediately to billions of potential users who will insert LGM Card into the microSD slot of their phones (not need to be smart phones – e.g. 480 000 000 feature phones are used in India).

Two embedded secure chips open variety of partnerships while each partner might control his own business (secure chip).

We provide Mobile API and documentation for fast market deployment. LGM Card Mobile API supports main platforms, including Android, Symbian and Java and it is opened for any third party system solution, including HCE or TSM. Service providers can add their own secure services.



LGM Card’s secure chip can store selected personal sensitive data or ID used for a secure remote access of the user (from his PC or from his mobile phone) to governmental servers. Government as the issuer of LGM Card has end-to-end control:

  • Secure remote access to governmental servers, using ID stored on secure chip of LGM Card and using both side authentication between end-user and server. Being securely verified end customer can access any governmental server securely from his PC or mobile phone and use all services provided there
  • Verification of the individual / company using selected personal / company personal ID data stored on secure chip comparing it with governmental database and thus confirming of the individual / company to use services of other governmental (e.g. immigrant office, voting, electricity, tax collection systems) and commercial partners (e.g. banks, exchange houses)
  • Electronic Signature for sending/accepting e-documents, e.g. tax declaration
  • Conducting transactions – using either EMV or close-loop type of payments for providing individual / company governmental services – social welfare, wages cards, tax refunds and enable individual/company to pay for governmental services – fines, electricity, taxes etc. Transactions can include both contactless and Internet payments.
  • Contactless access – government employees can use their mobile phone to enter governmental buildings instead of current plastic chip cards
  • Pushing information – to communicate with citizens, involve them in public affairs or encourage them for vote

With LGM Card government can increase portfolio of public services to citizens and businesses and move any existing E-governmental applications into mobile phones. For tailored solutions we develop and produce LGM Card with the second secure chip selected based on your needs. In this way you can smoothly move your existing certified ID solutions used on plastic chip cards into mobile phones using LGM Card.

Mobile Payments

EMV contactless payments

Secure chip(s) used inside LGM Card is certified for EMV payments. Issuer will use secure chip(s) LGM Card can be used as standard debit, credit or pre-paid card. End-customer can use any type of mobile phone with inserted LGM Card for contactless payments on POS and for Internet card-based payments using traditionally secure payments infrastructures.

EMV contactless payments with LGM Card need not to use tokens, virtual cards stored on HCE servers or TSM connectivity. Card payments with LGM Card in the phone will be accepted on any standard contactless POS worldwide.

EMV Remote payments

Issuing bank can allow Internet payments using CVC/CVV code and/or the secure chip of LGM Card can store ID for seamless authentication of users paying on the Internet.

LGM Card proprietary micropayments

In regions without payment and Internet infrastructures LGM Card is an ideal solution how to enable EMV based micropayments to in-store merchants.

Close-loop payments and money remittances

With its two embedded secure chips LGM Card can be used both for money remittances and close-loop payments and connected with merchant loyalty programs.


LGM Card has embedded MIFARE DESFire chip. This Secure chip of LGM Card can store transit applications using close-loop (Stored Value Card) or EMVCo open-loop & transport card.

LGM Card physically stores (integrates not emulates) a transport Stored Value Card on MIFARE DESFire chip and it is used inside mobile phone with TSP’s UI application.

With LGM Card inserted in microSD slot of their phones and watches customers tap their phones to go through fare gates or speed-passes for highway tolls. Depending on Transport Service Provider (TSP) solution customers can also tap their phones and watches to pay in retail stores accepting contactless Stored Value Cards of the TSP.

LGM Card has easy integration with current services and its preparation and issuance is easy. Use current processes or OTI to load transit store value card or EMVCo transit card onto a secure chip; select

  • Through NFC reader connected to PC
  • In a contact way on Datacard machines
  • Over the Internet (OTI) and UI mobile app

With LGM Card in their phones TSP’s customers can use extended services like

  • Tap&Go through various turnstiles on metros, airports, buses and more – after TSP integration
  • Tap&Pay on contactless POS terminals in retail stores
  • Online top-up –  Check and top up online balance of the card anytime from the mobile phone
  • Auto top-up – from EMVCo card stored on the second chip of LGM Card
  • On-phone top-up – after bank integration
  • Top-up of the card at existing kiosks
  • Collect data, deliver customized information to customer’s phone
  • Develop fare collection based on GPS/non GPS
  • Replace current MNO billing

See transit presentation

Secure Access

Physical secure chips of LGM Card can store ID, tokens or generate One time password (OTP) for seamless access to HCE, Internet banking, clouds, to governmental servers; or to control access to buildings, cars, print devices etc. Customer taps his mobile phone with inserted LGM Card to any NFC enabled object while access is allowed only to authenticated persons.

Adding security to HCE

Banks, using HCE to provide their customers mobile payments solutions can use LGM Card to add security to their current HCE solution. LGM Card used in NFC-enabled phones with OS Android v 4.4 and higher can store ID or tokens inside secure chip of LGM Card, thus eliminating unsafe mobile phone memory to store tokens and using ID with added both-side identification between mobile phone user and HCE server. HCE providers can develop their own secure services and avoid malicious attacks.