White list of phones

Here published White list is list of mobile phones qualified by test criteria of 5 successful consecutive payment transactions passed in front of three representative POS terminals certified by EMVCo for contactless payments

Phones market in the White list table as “MasterCard listed” are compatible handsets according to MasterCard criteria for certified microSD card as a mobile payment product for Mobile MasterCard® PayPass™.

“Ideal Tap Point” is a place on your mobile phone that will enable the fastest response opposite to contactless POS terminal or contactless NFC reader. Majority of phones will enable fast response in any position, yet models covered by metal back-covers or with microSD card slot below the phone battery and covered by metal back-cover might have ideal tap point.

White list is regularly updated as new mobile phones come to the market.

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VendorModelModel numberOSMasterCard Listed Ideal Tap Point (front-side view)
XiaomiRedmi Note 4GHM NOTE 1LTEAndroid 4.4.4Centre
SonyXperia VLT25iAndroid 4.0.4Centre
SonyXperia E4gE2003Android 4.4.4Centre
SonyXperia Z3 CompactD5803Android 5.1.1Left top
SonyXperia Z3D5803Android 5.1.1Right top
SonyXperia Z3D6603Android 5.1.1Centre
SonyXperia Z5 CompactE5823Android 6.0.1Centre
SeekenSG1Android 5.1Centre
SamsungGalaxy YoungS6310Android 4.0.4YesCentre
SamsungGalaxy S3GT-I9300Android 4.1.2Centre
SamsungGalaxy S3GT-I9300Android 4.3Centre
SamsungGalaxy S4I545Android 4.3YesCentre
SamsungGalaxy S4GT-I9506Android 5.0.1YesCentre
SamsungGalaxy S7G930FAndroid 6.0Right top
SamsungGalaxy S2GT-I9100Android 4.0.4YesCentre
SamsungGalaxy S3 miniGT-i8190Android 4.1.2Centre
SamsungGalaxy A5SM-A500FUAndroid 5.0.2Centre
SamsungGalaxy A3 (2016)SM-A310FAndroid 5.1.1Right bottom
SamsungGalaxy Ace 4SM-G357FZAndroid 4.4.4Centre
NokiaC7C7-00Symbian 3YesCentre
NokiaLumia 635WP 8.1Centre
MicrosoftLumia 550Windows 10Centre
LGG Flex2LG-H955Android 5.0.1Centre
LGG4cLG-H525nAndroid 5.0.2Centre
HuaweiAscend Y550Y550-L001Android 4.4.4Left top
HuaweiP8QISGRA-L09Android 5.0.1Right bottom
HTC10Android 6.0.1Left top
HTCDesire CAndroid 4.0.4YesCentre
HTCDesire SS510eAndroid 4.0.4YesBottom
HTCOneM8Android 5.0.1Right top
HTCJ OneHTL22Android 4.4.2Left bottom
HTCSensationZ710eAndroid 4.1.2Left bottom
CaterpillarB15QAndroid 4.4.2Centre